2019-2020 Nutmeg Curling Club Organization Chart

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Board Position Name
President Larry Bocchiere
Vice President Alexis Boccanfuso
Treasurer Elisabeth Falsetti
Secretary Kathy Morley
Director Jonathan Gibbons
Director Eric Sebastian
Director Bob Baroni
Director Karen Shane
Director Erin Rush Doucette
Director Naida Leslie
Director Ronna Zaken
Director Kraig Steffen
Committee Position Name
Achilles Bonspiel Erin Rush Doucette
Annual Meeting Larry Bocchiere
Awards AJ Hipius
Bar Marianne Roggemann
Jane Murray
Permittee Bill Walsh
Bartenders Craig Doucette
Blarney Stone Bonspiel TBD
Blazing Leaves Bonspiel Craig Doucette
Club Challenge Bonspiel Kitty Larocque
  AJ Hipius
College Curling Greg Dellis
Community Relations Craig Doucette
Corporate Events Naida Leslie
  Sharon Giese
Crystal Snowflake Bonspiel Catherine "Kitty" Larocque
Amy Schneider
Curling & Cocktails Ronna Zaken
Facilities Committee Craig Doucette
  Erin Doucette
  Jim Coubrough
Friendlies Erin Harris
Jim Bria
General Admin Jill Owens
GNCC Rep Jennifer Stannard
Golden Handle Bonspiel TBD
Greenhorn League Rick Moore
Historian Jill Owens
Hit N Roll Kathy Morley
Ice Bill Brautigam
Jeff Hannon
Bobbie Stoll
Lee Cockey
Instruction Bobbie Stoll
Juniors Alexis Boccanfuso
Photography Rick Moore
Kraig Steffen
Learn to Curl Lynn Dorsey
Membership Larry Zollo
Merchandise Heidi Follin
Neon Bonspiel Alexis Boccanfuso
Officiating Sharon Giese
Olympic Committee Maura Cockey
Scheduling/Calendar Danielle Tapper
Special Olympics Larry Zaleski
Technology Committee Jim Arndt
USWCA Rep Diane Muldowney
Volunteer Committee Danielle Tapper
  Karen Shane
Warm Room Julie Pasnau
Website Dave Espositio
Craig Doucette
Women’s Assoc President Naida Leslie
Wonderland of Ice Liaison Joel Leneker
Brian Walker

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Upcoming Events

Tri-Plane Camp

Oct 19, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019

Blazing Leaves WCT Cashspiel

Oct 24, 2019 - Oct 27, 2019

Learn-to-Curl - 11am

Nov 2, 2019

Learn-to-Curl - 7pm

Nov 2, 2019

Curling & Cocktails

Nov 9, 2019