Monday Morning Pickup - WINTER - 8:30AM

    League Chair: Ken Deltano
    Start off the week right with Monday morning curling! This will be an open and drop-in league for club members to have some fun in a casual pick-up league. All are welcome!

    Monday Evening Men - WINTER - 7/9 PM


    League Chair: Robert Kwan

    Men curlers of all levels are welcomed! Teams formed through a skip's draft.

    Tuesday Open Competitive - 7/9 PM


    League Chair: Ed Scimia

    Open format, any combination of men/women on a team. A team entry league where the team stays together for the whole season (interested individuals without a team should notify the chair who will try to find them a team). Teams divided into an "A" and "B" division. Season played in segments with teams being "restacked" to determine "A" and "B" divisions for each round. League champion will be determined by a season ending playoff between the top 4 teams.

    Wednesday Evening Women’s - WINTER 2023


    League Chair: Pat Bowman

    Women curlers of all levels are welcomed to sign up for this league. Teams are assigned by league chair.

    Thursday Morning Pickup - WINTER - 10am


    League Chair: Mike DePolo


     Welcome to the Thursday Morning Pick-up League. As in years past, this is a "drop-in" league with no set teams, standings, or keeping of records. The point of this league is to have fun with our fellow curlers, work on skills, and be as loose as possible. 

    The format is fairly open and largely determined by how many people show up on any given Thursday morning. For that reason, and so that we do have some amount of structure, we I do ask that if you are signed up for the league, you do shoot me an email or a text message only if you cannot make it. Otherwise, I will assume you will be there, and we will structure that morning's session accordingly.

    As we've worked this in the past, the format will be based upon how many people will be attending. I will be there early enough to pebble and nip two sheets -- we've rarely needed three -- but If it appears we'll need a third, I'll do that as well. We'll be ready to curl at 10:00 AM. As I come from some distance away on westbound 95, if it's getting close to 10:00 and I'm not there, please feel free to pebble and nip. 

    Once we've assembled at 10:00, based upon how many people are there and what people feel like doing, we'll divide into teams of four, teams of three, or if the numbers work, and people are in the mood, we can divide all or some of us into teams of two and play either Doubles or Sturling.

    Again, the object here is to have fun and work on things you don't feel comfortable working on in your more formal leagues.

    Should you need to reach me with any questions or otherwise, or if you cannot make it on any given Thursday, my contact info is as follows:

    Mike DePolo
    Cell: 248-417-7117

    Thursday Evening Open - WINTER - 7/9:10 PM


    League Chair: Marc Zaken

    Open to men and women of all levels; opportunity for new curlers to learn from those with more experience. You may sign up as a single or a pair; teams formed through a skip's draft.

    Friday Morning Skills & Drills Pickup - WINTER - 9:30 AM


    Chair: Alastair Ong

    Friday Morning Skills & Drills Pickup League - 9:30 am - 11:00 am

    Welcome to the Friday Morning Skills & Drills Pick-up League.  This is a "drop-in" league with no set teams, standings, or keeping of records. The point of this league is to learn and improve essential curling skills in a fun way.  This drop-in league will feature “mini-game” curling drills to hone your skills. Teams will vary each week. All levels are welcome. 

    The skills that we will be working on include (but will not be limited to):

    • Angle of judgement;
    • Balance;
    • Brushing Judgement;
    • Communication
    • Ice Reading
    • Interval Timing;
    • Line of Delivery;
    • Line Judgement;
    • Mental Toughness;
    • Observation Skills;
    • Specific Shot Making;
    • Stamina;
    • Strategy; and
    • Take Outs

    On Tuesday, I will be sending out a survey asking what skill you would like to work on.  The skill will be member decided based on the number of votes.  On Friday, I will have a sheet of a curling game that focuses on that member-decided skill.

    The object here is to have fun and work on things you don't feel comfortable working on in your more formal leagues.

    n't feel comfortable working on in your more formal leagues.

    Friday Evening TGIF - WINTER - 7/9 PM


    League Chair: Amy Schneider

    Open to men and women of all levels. Skips & Vices and Seconds & Leads are paired. Each week the pairs are re-arranged. Sign up as a pair or single.

    Saturday Afternoon CROCS 5-Under – WINTER - 1:30 PM


    League Chair: Noah Gordon

    Open to 5-Under men and women curlers.

    The focus of the league is to provide a space for less experienced curlers an opportunity to hone their skills, and introduce them to new team and position skills when possible.

    Experienced player coaches are welcomed and encouraged to stop in and help members learn more any week.

    Teams will be made up each week based on that weeks sign up in a "Pickup League" style format.

    Saturday Mixed Doubles Mini-League - WINTER - 4pm


    Chairpeople: Elizabeth Brown and Brian Tulley

    Open to men and women curlers, Mixed Doubles is played by two players, one male and one female on each team.

    You must sign-up as a team.

    This will be a mini league and the number of draws will be determined by the amount of participants.

    The league will run on Saturdays through the winter session from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Check the club calendar for exact days.

    Sunday Morning Collection Plate - WINTER - 9/11 AM


    League Chair: Kraig Steffen

    Open to men & women of all levels. Play is for a medal & trophy that resembles a church collection plate. Teams are made up by league chair with curlers team changing weekly.

    Sub Only or Already Signed Up - WINTER


    Select this option if you are not registering for any Winter leagues and either:

    (1) you would like to sub during the season, or

    (2) you are already signed up for a league that does not require reregistering (eg Tuesday Night League)

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