Kevin Martin Clinics - November 17 & 18


    On-Ice Sessions:
    • All ages and skill levels are welcome
    • Learn how to throw like Kevin Martin
    • Class has only 24 people; you will get personalized attention
    • Kevin will customize instruction to address your needs. He has an amazing eye and way of explaining key concepts that will change your game dramatically. This is for any level of skill. Indeed, top players in the world come to Kevin every year for guidance. You will learn:

    There are two on-ice sessions to choose from or attend both.

    1. The Technical On-Ice session is a little more than 2 hours and it focuses on curling delivery. Sweeping is also touched upon in this session. Kevin will cover the following:

    • Kevin’s Four Pillars of delivery:
      • Set up
      • Drive
      • Delivery
      • Release
    • Sweeping
    1. The Skills & Systems session deals with Front End and Back End Roles and Responsibilities. (Also an introduction to Mixed Doubles & Triples.) This session usually finishes in 2 hours.
    • Learn about 5 Front End Skills: 
      • Powerful Brushing
      • Rock Awareness
      • House Keeping
      • Weight Judgement (including timing systems)
      • Weight Calling/Communication
    You will also learn important Back End Skills: Ice Reading, Shot Selection, Angle Assessment (including drag and angular effect), Line Judgement (including breaking point), and Line Calling. 
    Strategy and Tactics Off-Ice:
    • Held in the warm room in a classroom format
    • Takeaway book included
    • Learn Kevin’s way of thinking. He’ll start with the “big picture” and drill down to more particular topics. Questions are welcome. This is meant to be an interactive session so you can truly grasp Kevin’s smart yet simple strategies. This is good not only for skips but the entire team. It will help you all be on the same page, which will increase your team communication, cohesiveness, and help you win!
    Cocktail Hour - Wine & Cheese

    Meet and visit with Kevin Martin! Have the opportunity to visit and ask him questions, and just have fun. Kevin will also entertain us with a special talk about his experience as a curler:  going from Silver to Gold, training, mindset and strategy. With great stories about his career (and teammates) along the way, these insights will have you laughing and learning.


    Registration links for each session are below including cost (à la carte and combined): 

    Day 1 (Friday, November 17)

    9:00AM - 11:00AM: Technical On-Ice Session (24 participants): $75.00

    12:00PM - 2:00PM: Skills and Systems On-Ice (24 participants): $75.00

    Both sessions: $130.00

    3:00PM - 5:00PM: Strategy and Tactics Off-Ice (Unlimited Participants): $75.00 

    All three sessions: $200.00

    6:00PM - 7:00PM: Cocktail hour, Wine and Cheese: $20.00 (one drink included)

    Day 2 (Saturday, November 18) 

    10:00AM - Noon: Technical On-Ice (2nd group of 24 participants): $75.00 

    1:00PM - 3:00PM: Skills and Systems On-Ice (2nd group of 24 participants): $75.00

    About Kevin Martin:

    Kevin Martin is a world-renowned skip. He holds two Olympic medals; including the Gold in 2010. He is considered by most to be the greatest curler of all time and was recently voted by the sport as the top Canadian male skip of all time. He has been inducted into World Curling Hall of Fame. Kevin won 18 Grand Slam titles on the World Curling Tour and a record eight Players’ Championships. Over the course of his career, his teams won approximately two million dollars. Kevin was the first skip to win a “career Grand Slam,” winning a title in each Grand Slam event, after he won the Players’ Championship Grand Slam event in April 2005. In addition to instructing, Kevin can also be heard on many television curling contests, as well as his "Inside Curling" podcast.  He will share his experiences and love of the game with you!



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