Curling Experience is a short lesson on the ice where you will be shown the basics & play an end of curling. You can register as an individual or as a group.  After completing the lesson, we will sit in the warm room enjoying a beverage from the bar (included with your registration) and watch league play that will be going on.  Your instructor will answer any questions that you may have about what is happening out on the ice.

You should wear warm, comfortable clothing to curl in. The temperature out on the ice is about 40 degrees; please keep that in mind when you are deciding what to wear. Whatever you choose to wear, remember that you will need to be able to bend and get into a low squatting position.

You should bring a pair of sneakers (or similar type of flat-soled shoe) to wear out on the ice, it is preferred that you do not wear these shoes in from the parking lot. We have spent a lot of time and effort preparing the ice and dirt brought in from the outside will wreak havoc on it.

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